Autonomous driving is one of the biggest achievements in modern automotive history. The Problem: neither do most people understand the benefits of piloted traveling – nor does a self-driving car fulfill BMWs core brand value "sheer driving pleasure". The solution: an interactive campaign picturing the ups and downs of everyday driving. The message: "by your side when you decide".

In the movie we see the daily routine of a young, successful mother and business-woman. The show-stopper: whilst watching the film on our interactive website, which will be rolled out in more than 20 markets worldwide, the user can switch between BMW Personal CoPilot turned ON and OFF and discover the difference immediately.

You can see both versions below or discover the whole experience on the dutch website which is the first market that launched the special. The campaign is advertised on social media featuring Instagram Stories, interactive Canvas Ads and cutdowns.

Agency:Jung von Matt

Client:BMW AG