M Town

After last years successful “TOO MUCH” campaign BMW M wanted to launch a new, bigger and even more polarizing campaign in 2018. Since September the new campaign, "Welcome to M Town, where too much is just right." is on air with a total of 6 online films (4 yet to be revealed), a microsite, a social media campaign and event coverage. Every major market worldwide will feature the campaign.

The basic idea: M Town is a place unlike any other – a place where everyday situations are experienced in their own special way. This is exactly why it is the ideal home for all petrolheads and horsepower enthusiasts and embodies the identity of the global BMW M Community so perfectly. The town does not represent a physical place. It thrives wherever there is a passion for high performance – because genuine enthusiasm for BMW M knows no bounds. "M Town" represents an attitude to life that BMW M has always stood for – ultimate enthusiasm, maximum performance and the courage to be unconventional.

Agency:Jung von Matt

Client:BMW M GmbH